Auckland Heat pump installer: Who can install a heat pump?

When it comes to something like a heat pump it’s best left to a professional heat pump installer. We are often asked who can install a heat pump. The quick answer is that you do not need a qualification to install a heat pump. In fact, heat pump installers do not have to be registered to do so either. However, you do need a certified electrician to connect the heat pump unit to the electrical supply.

The Cheapest Heat Pump Installer: Yourself

In most cases you do not require a building consent to install a heat pump. So, technically nothing is stopping you from buying and installing a heat pump yourself. That being said, we do not recommend you attempt a DIY heat pump installation.

Installing a heat pump involves penetrating through an exterior wall. Doing this incorrectly could increase the chance of allowing moisture into your home, creating an unhealthy environment. Furthermore, mounting a heat pump without sufficient knowledge could cause unwanted damage to your walls causing an eyesore. This is a task best left to the professionals. External walls also tend to be load bearing, complicating the drilling process.

The Value of a professional heat pump installers knowledge

The heat pump you see on the wall is only one half of the heat pump. The bulk of a heat pump’s magic comes from the large AC unit located outdoors. Careful consideration of placement is needed to avoid noise complaints from the neighbours. If placed too close to the property line, the sometimes loud heat pump may upset those living next door.

Placement of the heat pump inside is just as important. A quality heat pump installer will use their knowledge of heat pumps to find the right place inside your home to adequately heat your living space. The shape of your interior may dictate its placement along without your furniture layout.

The team at Kiwiheatpumps is not only approved Fujitsu and Daikin suppliers and installers, but also certified electricians. We can take the hassle out of installing a heat pump, with over 25 combined years of heat pump installer experience between us. Give us a call at 0800 549 443 or contact us online to have a chat about the right heat pump for your home.

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