Aucklanders, Get Your Low Cost Heat Pump Today!

Aucklanders, don’t wait for the Easter Sales at the malls and shops. Get your low cost heat pump today while you’re online!

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We have survived through our non-existent Summer and are hurtling through Autumn at an alarming rate but are you prepared for Winter? A heat pump is a great option for warm family living in your home.

Compared with other forms of home heating, heat pumps provide you with relatively fast heat, you can both heat and cool your home so they are a convenient all year round option and many now have timer controls which are programmable from your smart phone (or the remote that comes with them).

If you have been considering getting a heat pump for your home, then check out what Kiwi Heat Pumps can do for your home and budget! Because we eliminate the middle man, our prices are substantially less than those that you will find in stores, including those stores that tout amazing sales prices on holiday weekends.

Do we scrimp on quality if our prices are so low? Absolutely not! We choose to stock Fujitsu heat pumps for a couple of reasons:
1. We believe Fujitsu heat pumps are the quietest, most efficient, most compact, most reliable and best looking heat pumps on the market.
2. We believe we will be able to supply you with a superior Fujitsu heat pump at a better price than other companies will do on a competing brand. We buy a lot of heat pumps from Fujitsu, we get fantastic deals from them and we can offer the best pricing on the market to you.

Unlike other retailers, many of our prices include the installation cost. This is a winning combination for you as the consumer. Often heat pumps are sold are very competitive rates – however once you’ve bought the unit you also need to have them installed. This is where companies screw you down and suddenly you can be faced with a large portion of the buy price being added on top just to cover their installation fees.

If you feel a bit cautious about buying such a large product online – we stand behind our products and name. We have over 1400 happy customers and this number continues to grow each year. We are happy to come and do a site visit prior to installation and make any recommendations required about the type and placement of heat pump that you have chosen.

Don’t let the winter cold snap take you by surprise this year – contact us at Kiwi Heat Pumps today and you can come home to a warm, dry home all winter.