2016 Is Here And It’s Hot!

New Zealand is in the middle of the hottest summer on record and we haven’t even hit February yet. You can only go and camp out in air-conditioned shops and offices until closing time and you get those looks from not leaving the shops all day. How are you keeping cool this summer?  You can only stay at the beach for so long too before you have to head home. Wouldn’t it be better to be in your own home with a cold drink and the tv with the air-conditioner blasting away? Especially at night when you have the fight: Windows open equal mozzies, windows closed equals suffocating heat. Decisions decisions. And let’s face it, the fan just moves hot air around.

no_air_conditioningI know your first thought is, ‘yes, but air-conditioning is only for the rich and famous’. Not anymore my sweat drenched friends. It’s 2016 and air-conditioning is cheaper than you think. After all it’s in every modern car now, why not every house? It’s actually very affordable, especially against the shopping bill from those air-conditioned shops. No longer are they those big noisy machines either. The future is here and so is affordable well designed air-conditioning units.

We are a family run business so are real people for real people. We only stock the best, quietest and most efficient units. Last year we were one of only two Auckland based Fujitsu heat pump dealers to receive an outstanding dealer award. Call us now for a no pressure chat and make your home somewhere you want to live in this summer make it somewhere comfortable and blissfully cool. We have something for every home, big or small.  Remember the heat has just started, here comes February….