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Floor Console Or High Wall Heat Pump?


When shopping for heat pumps, the two main types of heat pumps you will find are floor mounted and high wall consoles. Each has their own benefit and will depend on what you need and the space you have.

High Wall: High wall heat pumps are the most common and most popular because they are economical to purchase, easy to install and do not take up space near the floor where furniture and other items could go (this is particularly important in smaller spaces). High walls come in many different sizes and specs and have many features.

Floor Console: Floor console heat pumps are often slightly more expensive than high wall heat pumps, however they do usually contain all the features of a high wall. Floor consoles are used in homes that cannot work with a high wall, such as homes with tall windows. They are an excellent replacement for fixed gas heater or night store heaters and can be installed almost anywhere because cables and pipes can be run under the floor.

If you need to decide which type you need, have a look at your requirements and your space and see which one fits you best.


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