Wifi Enabled Heat Pumps

Did you know that you can now control your heat pump over Wifi? That’s great! But what is the benefit of such a feature?

Have you ever arrived home only to wish that there had been someone there to flick the heater on half an hour before you arrived, so that when you opened the door you were greeted by the warm welcome of a heated home? Well, that’s exactly what Wifi control is for! How it works is you connect your Wifi capable heat pump to your Wifi, and download the app to your phone. This allows you to then control your heat pump from anywhere as long as you have internet access. This means no more coming home to a cold house!

So which heat pumps are able to use this feature? We have recently added a selection of Wifi capable heat pumps to our range. They include the following:

FUJITSU_3.4kw_ASTG09KMCB_WIFI_heat_pumpFujitsu ASTG09KMCB 3.4kW Wifi Heat Pump


FUJITSU_3.7kw_ASTG12KMCB_WIFI_heat_pump Fujitsu ASTG12KMCB 3.7kW Wifi Heat Pump


FUJITSU_6.0kw_ASTG18KMCB_WIFI_heat_pumpFujitsu ASTG18KMCB 6.0kW Wifi Heat Pump


FUJITSU_7.2kw_ASTG22KMCB_WIFI_heat_pumpFujitsu ASTG22KMCB 7.2kW Wifi Heat Pump


FUJITSU_8.0kw_ASTG24KMCB_WIFI_heat_pumpFujitsu ASTG24KMCB 8.0kW Wifi Heat Pump


Our new range of Wifi heat pumps will ensure that you always have full control of your heat pump no matter where you are and they you never have to return to a cold house again!

If you already have a heat pump and would like to retrofit Wifi cabaility without having to replace your heat pump, we can help! Get in contact with us today and we will advise on what needs to be done.