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When you are looking at a service provider or product it is always wise to look at several options and get several quotes. This way, you’re assured of buying only the best product at the most reasonable price.

With Kiwi Heat pumps, you have the advantage of an independent installer that will recommend the brand and installation type that suits your outcome expectations, budget, and site conditions. As such, it’s pretty handy to have a page where you can compare heat pump prices by price, brand, and availability.

How It Works

When you open the website, click on the product link or More Info to find out about the product that you want. Below are some examples of the products featured on the website along with their respective prices:

PRICE: $1,899.00
Daikin FTXS25L

Capacity: 3.4kw heat (4.7kw max), 2.5kw cool (3.2max)
COP: 4.86. EER: 4.63
Size: 800mm x 295mm x 210mm
(Indoor: FTXS25LVMA, Outdoor: RXS25LVMA)

The Daikin L-Series wall mounted heat pumps comes with advanced and innovative technology. They have many economical features and offers reliable solutions for your room.

PRICE: $1,999.00
Daikin FTXS35L

Capacity: 4.0kw heat (5.2kw max), 3.5kw cool (4.3max)
COP: 4.55. EER: 3.85
Size: 800mm x 295mm x 210mm
(Indoor: FTXS35LVMA, Outdoor: RXS35LVMA)

PRICE: $2,299.00
Daikin FTXS46L

Capacity: 5.1kw heat (6.8kw max), 4.6kw cool (453max)
COP: 4.55. EER: 3.85
Size: 800mm x 295mm x 210mm
(Indoor: FTXS46LVMA, Outdoor: RXS46LVMA)

Daikin FTXM20R

Capacity: 2.7kw heat (5.5kw max), 2.0kw cool (4.2max)
COP: 4.83. EER: 5.0
Size: 770mm x 285mm x 223mm
(Indoor: FTXM20RVMZ, Outdoor: RXM20RVMZ)

The Daikin Cora series features whisper-quiet operation, energy efficient units, prime comfort levels, and a stylish design.

This unit features smooth contours and flat panel design with a matte white finish that provides the best Daikin has to offer to you and your family.

PRICE: $2,299.00
Daikin FTXS50L

Capacity: 6.0kw heat (7.7kw max), 5.0kw cool (6.0max)
COP: 4.08. EER: 3.79
Size: 1050mm x 340mm x 248mm
(Indoor: FTXS50LVMA, Outdoor: RXS50LVMA)

What to Do Next?

Once you find the product that you want, you can click on Install Cost to get a heat pump installation cost estimate. There you must enter your details to get your Heat Pump Installation cost estimate, or call them direct for a free onsite consultation and quote.

You can compare heat pump prices using their calculator. Be sure to explore the website for more options that you can choose from. Pick the product that’s best suited to your needs.

How to Choose the Right Heat Pump

When choosing the right heat pump for your room, you need to consider the capacity or heat pump size as the most vital feature. The heat pump must be powerful enough to cool or heat the room in the right capacity – otherwise, the unit will be unable to bring the room to the right temperature. This results in higher running cost and more frequent defrost cycles during cold mornings and nights

You also need to consider the unit, whether it’s too big for the area because otherwise, it will be noisy, draughty, and will provide uneven room temperature, which is no fun.

Buying an oversized heat pump for your home in the hopes of heating the whole house is not advisable. You need to consider the location and capacity of the unit. We can help calculate and select the right size unit for your home.

A Few Reminders

Before you buy a heat pump, be sure to list down your needs so that you’re able to match it with the right product. Check for these features online so you’re better equipped to find the perfect heat pump for you and your family.

Check out both features and benefits to suit your needs and make sure that you choose the right heat pump for your budget. You’ve got lots of options so feel free to browse different sites first to find that perfect one for you. Browse for products and installation services at

Make sure to get your warranty signed just to be sure that you’ll get warranty coverage for your heat pump. You never know if you may need to use it one day.

One Final Note

When buying a heat pump online, it helps to buy from an online retailer that has high customer satisfaction. You need to find a vendor that will provide the best quality products and excellent customer service, in case you may need to contact them for anything regarding your product in the future.

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