Epsom Home Air Conditioning Installation

The team at KiwiHeatPump completed another successful heat pump air conditioner installation in an Epsom home. With New Zealand moving into winter many kiwis are beginning to consider a heat pump air conditioner as option for heating their home. Choosing the right air conditioner for your home can be confusing and they can all seem the same. Even more confusing is finding out where to put the air conditioning unit. This Epsom client called Kiwiheatpumps inquiring just that. We were happy select a heat pump that suited the specific needs of the client’s house and budget.

Choosing an air conditioning system can be confusing, but generally there are three factors one needs to consider when selecting a suitable air conditioner. First is the heating and cooling capacity. This Epsom client’s home was modestly size and only wanted to heat the main living area. Here at Kiwiheatpumps we categorize our air conditioners by room size, helping customers find a unit right for them. The second factor is location. Many kiwis think that placing the air conditioning unit in front of their couch will be ideal, however this is not the case. The goal of a heat pump is to evenly heat the entire room, and not to blow hot air onto the people in front of it. Lastly, the type of air conditioner. The most common type of air conditioner is a high wall heat pump. These are seen at the top of a wall blowing air down.

The Epsom client found their air conditioner to perfect satisfy their needs. We picked out a medium 6.0kw Fujitsu heat pump/air conditioner for their homes living area. If your getting cold this winter, why not install a heat pump/air conditioner suited to heat and cool your home year-round. KiwiHeatPumps is happy to provide you with a free quote. Just give us a call at 0800 549 443 or contact us here.

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