Fujitsu ASTG22LVC 7.2Kw Premier Heat Pump/AC Review

Generally speaking, we all want a heat pump that’s efficient, cost little to operate, convenient to use and, perhaps most importantly, not distractingly noisy. If you haven’t yet found a heat pump that ticks all the boxes, you’re about to meet one.

Enter the Fujitsu ASTG22LVC model heat pump from the extremely popular Fujitsu Premier heat pump range. It’s a compact appliance with smart flat panel fascia and the most innovative engineering inside. Well, can we expect anything less from Fujitsu? They’ve been a leader in ductless technology for years, and their product lines are just getting better and more cost effective each year.

Back to the ASTG22LVC heat pump. Let’s talk about its noteworthy features and advantages:


This unit is a heat pump/air conditioner/dehumidifier in one. It keeps you toasty even if it’s freezing outside and also keeps you cool and refreshed in summer. It does a good job at dehumidifying the air inside your home to maintain a comfortable atmosphere indoors.

It has 4 fan speeds, including a quiet fan, which allow the unit to quickly heat or cool the room.

Power savings

Fujitsu further upped their DC and inverter technologies for better energy savings. In fact, they have more Energy Star heat pumps than any other brand. And we all know lower energy consumption means low running costs, which further translates to dollar savings.

The ASTG22LVC model has a 7.2kW heating capacity with a 3.55 coefficient of performance (COP). Its cooling capacity can reach a maximum of 7.3kW with a 3.23 energy efficiency ratio (EER). A good energy rating plus Energy Star qualification makes for a highly efficient, cost effective appliance.

Air purification

Clean indoor air means a healthy home. The Fujitsu heat pumps include a catechin filter that absorbs minute dust particles, pollen, invisible mould spores and any other harmful or allergy-inducing micro organisms. On this note, Fujitsu is well recommended by Asthma New Zealand.

The unit also comes with an optional long-life ion deodorising filter that works well in neutralising kitchen odours and pet smells.

Near silent operation

True to its promise, the heat pump is as quiet as a whisper. On the highest setting, it’s as quiet as bird calls (44dB) or a hushed library. You won’t notice the compact outside unit either, since it utilises efficient airflow design to reduce operation noise.

Better, smarter control

The Fujitsu ASTG22LVC lets control functions, set timers and regulate temperature from your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll always come home to a warm welcome. Plus, it has a 10oC heat operation function on the remote control that will prevent the room temperature from dropping below 10oC, ensuring the room never gets too cold when you’re away.

The LCD wall controller is very simple and easy to use. Its features include:

  • a 7-day programmable timer
  • auto-off timer to automatically shut it down if left on by accident
  • auto return set temperature
  • temperature limit select so you can lower the temperature range by single degrees
  • economy mode for further savings
  • lock-out operation: child lock, partial lock and management lock
  • clean filter indicator
  • memory back-up


Fujitsu took special consideration of the fact that many Kiwis live in areas within reach of salt-laden air, designing the outside heat exchange units to be corrosion resistant. The blue fin heat exchanger is protected by cobalt blue rust-proof material to enhance durability and prolong the performance life of the heat pump.

Final word

All in all, we’re impressed with the careful design and the thorough engineering of this Fujitsu heat pump. It’s now up to you to discover just how amazing this piece of equipment actually is.