Fujitsu ASTG30LFCB Heat Pump

Fujitsu (a.k.a. the “heat pump specialists”) is one the top brands that offer energy efficient heat pumps in New Zealand. In fact, it carries more ENERGY STAR qualified heat pumps than any other brand with a wide range of models designed for any environment.

Specifically for very large living spaces, Fujitsu has the ASTG30LFCB Hi-Wall Heat Pump / Air Conditioner. It’s an inverter split system that provides virtually infinite motion speed control, thanks to its total DC engineering which includes DC inverter control, DC fan motor technologies and DC twin rotary compressor. In other words, it allows you to adjust the comfort level of your room to your liking.

It delivers all the heat or cooling you need, when you need it. So you can be as warm as toast in winter weather, and with a single touch of a button you can engage the reverse cycle mode and enjoy cool, dehumidified indoor comfort in the warmest weather.

Model Fujitsu ASTG30LFCB
Heating capacity 9 kW
Cooling capacity 8 kW
C.O.P. Heat 3.41
E.E.R. Cool 3.31


For the uninitiated, COP stands for coefficient of performance or, simply, the relationship between energy used and heat delivered. A COP of 3.41 means you get 3.41kW of heat for every 1kW of energy used. This translates to significant energy savings and lower power bills than when using conventional heat pumps. Meanwhile, EER stands for energy efficiency ratio which measures the cooling efficiency of an air conditioner.

Like all Fujitsu split systems, the ASTG30LFCB packs impressive power yet stays quiet and economical. Check out some of its notable features below:

Near-silent operation

When it comes to large spaces, some heat pumps/air conditioners make a distracting motor sound, but not Fujitsu’s Hi-Wall unit. This model heats and cools large areas effortlessly while remaining super quiet. The unit is equipped with 4-fan technology with a quiet fan mode, which allows the indoor unit to operate at as low as 21 decibels (that’s less than the sound of a whisper!). The efficient airflow design for the outdoor unit also reduces operation noise.

Compact design

Fujitsu’s outdoor units set a benchmark for compactness. Its smart inverter technology allows outdoor units to vary its speed and output to deliver the required capacity of the indoor unit. Thanks to this, the unit can operate more efficiently than conventional units by up to 30 per cent.

Healthy filters

Fujitsu promises cleaner, fresher and healthier air with a number of inbuilt filter systems. There are also optional filters that contribute to an improved living environment. For one, the Apple-Catechin filter uses static electricity to capture fine dust particles, pollen, mould spores and other invisible pathogens from the air. On the other hand, the long-life ion deodorization filter absorbs and chemically destroys common household odours such as pet and kitchen smells.

Climate Control

The ASTG30LFCB comes with a super simple infrared remote control, with the most frequently used functions conveniently marked for quick settings adjustment. This allows you to control the fan speed, air direction, heating and cooling cycles, and a whole bunch of features.

Fujitsu Inverter Wall-Mounted Split Systems also offer the convenience of inbuilt timers and a sleep mode, so you can always enjoy Fujitsu comfort whilst ensuring efficiency. If you’re out and you want to come home to a comfortably warm house, you can set the 10oC Heat function on the remote control.

If you want to squeeze more energy savings out of your Fujitsu Hi-Wall Premier unit you can engage Economy Operation. This will shift the indoor temperature by 1oC and suppress the power of the outdoor unit.


With New Zealand weather conditions in mind, Fujitsu designed its outdoor units with blue corrosion-resistant cobalt to enhance durability and prolong performance life.

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