Fujitsu AUTG24LVL 8.0KW Compact Ceiling Cassette Review

Finding the perfect air conditioning unit for residential and commercial use proves to be a challenging task. With the wide assortment of choices available, it can be hard to pinpoint which type and model best suit your needs. For those who value aesthetics and optimised distribution of hot or cool air, the ceiling cassette AC model like the Fujitsu AUTG24LVL serves as the most ideal choice.

The Fujitsu AUTG24LVL is one of the four compact ceiling cassette AC models from the brand. It’s best known for its sleek and discreet appearance, four-way airflow design, and turbo fan. The unit also offers plenty of advantages to its users.

The perfect AC unit for Kiwis

The Fujitsu AUTG24LVL boasts of many superb features. For example, it’s a reverse cycle type of air conditioning unit, which comes extra handy for Kiwis because of the array of weather conditions experienced in the country. Basically, with this feature, the unit can adjust its temperature of the room to the most optimal setting both during summer and winter. 

It also effectively removes moisture in the room to lower the energy consumption of the unit and removes dust and other irritants that float in the air.  

Besides its reverse cycle operation and dehumidification feature, here are other technical specifications of the model:

  • Cooling capacity: 7.10 kW
  • Heating capacity: 8 kW
  • Input power (cooling): 2.16 kW
  • Input power (heating): 2.21 kW
  • Energy Efficient Ratio: 3.29 kW
  • Coefficient of Performance: 3.61 kW

It also has a good star rating, ensuring that you get to minimise your carbon footprint when you use it to cool or heat the room. The unit also comes with a compact design. Its net dimensions are as follows:

  • Indoor unit: 245 x 570 x 570mm, 16kgs
  • Cassette grille: 49 x 700 x 700mm, 2.6 kgs
  • Outdoor unit: 830 x 900 x 330mm, 60 kgs

Better airflow in the whole room

Another key benefit of using the Fujitsu AUTG24LVL 8kW model is guaranteed improved airflow, even in spacious rooms. Thanks to its four-way airflow feature and turbo-fan, you can heat or cool the room quickly.  

Compared to other Fujitsu compact ceiling AC unit, this model’s air circulation reaches up to 258 litres/second (L/s) or around 546 cubic feet per minute (CFM). As a rule of thumb, 1 CFM is needed to cool or heat one square foot of area in a room. This means the unit is powerful enough for a 50 square metre room with a maximum height of 3.0 metres.    

Quiet and highly efficient 

Despite its powerful features, the Fujitsu AUTG24LVL 8kW doesn’t come with a noisy fan. In fact, the blades come with a three-dimensional design so it operates quietly even when you set it at the highest or lowest temperature setting. This makes it an ideal ceiling cassette air conditioner to use for commercial spaces like offices as well as rooms in residential homes likes bedrooms and living room. 

Select wall controllers of your choice

The model also comes with three types of wall controllers, namely, LCD, Universal, and Simple wall controller. All three require a communication kit and allows you to set specific instructions for sleeping temperatures as well as weekly usage. You can communicate with your installer to find out which controllers you best fits your needs.

Final Verdict

The  Fujitsu AUTG24LVL 8kW Compact Ceiling Cassette AC retails for $3350, a worth-it price for its features, durability, and design. Whether you’re looking for an AC unit for a commercial or residential property, this model is surely a leading contender.   

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