Fujitsu Nocria AWTZ14LBC Heat Pump Review

Fujitsu have established themselves as a leading brand when it comes to heat pumps and air conditioners, and if you are considering buying a heat pump, it would not be wise to ignore Fujitsu.

Fujitsu have a vast range of heat pumps to meet all kinds of needs and requirements, and one of their latest additions is the AWTZ14LBC air conditioner.

The Fujitsu Nocria AWTZ14LBC is an inverter nocria designed to sit high on the wall right below the ceiling, to be unobtrusive. It pumps out a cooling capacity of 4.2kW and a heating capacity of 6kW. It’s features include an automatic self cleaning filter system,  automatic and manually adjustable louvres, program and sleep timers, auto-restart, a washable panel and a UV filter to disinfect and deodorise the air.

All features

Air conditioner type: Split system
Inverter: Yes
Sleep mode: Yes
Star rating: 4.12
Star rating (cooling): 6
Star rating (heating): 6
Other model names: AOTZ14LBC
Cooling capacity: 4200W
Heating capacity: 6000W
Number of fan speeds: 5
Refrigerant: R410A
Dehumidifier: Yes
Noise rating: 46dB
Remote control: Remote control included
Weight: 13.5kg
Height: 250mm
Width: 899mm
Depth: 298mm

Benefits of a Nocria heat pump
Fujitsu’s Nocria system work to create a modern, efficient and quiet heat pump to provide heating in your home. What’s special about them is the automatic, self cleaning filter system.

Automatic Self Cleaning Filter System
The automatic self cleaning filter system works by using an ultraviolet illuminator to sterilise bacteria in the air, which also gets rid of pollen, dust mite carcasses and mould spore which collect in the filter. Most importantly, the heat pump with operate at 100% efficiency because it is not clogged. The filter takes approximately 2 minutes to fully clean during this process. It also means you don’t have to take the filter out to clean it regularly.

The Fujitsu Nocria AWTZ14LBC is an excellent choice for home heating for the average home. It provides efficient, low maintenance heating at low cost, and is unobtrusive once installed. If you would like to get the Fujitsu Nocria AWTZ14LBC for your home, contact us today.