Which brand of heat pump is best?

We believe Fujitsu heat pumps are the best on the market overall. Most leading brands are reasonably similar in operation, function and features, but we recommend Fujitsu brands are most of their models have a slight edge over other brands in efficiency, noise, reliability, aesthetics, and extra features.

Do you sell heat pumps outside of Auckland?

For warranty reasons we do not ship Fujitsu heat pumps outside or Auckland or sell Fujitsu heat pumps without installation included.

Do you sell any other brands of heat pumps?

No we don’t for 2 reasons. 1. We believe Fujitsu heat pumps are the quietest, most efficient, most compact, most reliable and best looking heat pumps on the market. 2. We believe we will be able to supply you with a superior Fujitsu heat pump at a better price than other companies will do on a competing brand. We buy a lot of heat pumps from Fujitsu, we get fantastic deals from them and we can offer the best pricing on the market to you.

What is the best place for the heat pump to be installed?

Heat pumps should be installed in a position where they can effectively direct the warm or cool air throughout the entire room with minimal disturbance to the occupants. For example not above a couch somewhere where the airflow could be annoying.

Should I install a heat pump in my hallway to heat/cool 2-3 bedrooms?

We generally don’t recommend this as it will compromise the operation of the heat pump and the bedrooms will not really be heated/cooled effectively.

I already have a heat pump. Can you install it?

Yes we are happy to install a heat pump for you if you have already purchased one.

What is the cost of installation?

The cost of heat pump installation varies a lot depending on location, distance between indoor and outdoor units, capacity of the heat pump, construction and age of the home, and many other factors. We offer a free quote service, or for a initial estimate fill out our online installation cost estimator(link pls)

Do heat pumps dehumidify?

Yes all Fujitsu heat pumps have a DEHUMIDIFY or DRY mode, however this mode is sometimes not suitable for use in winter because you cannot dehumidify and heat at the same time.

Can a heat pump be installed on an inside wall?

Is is possible to install a heat pump on an internal wall in some cases. We would need see your home to advise you if this is possible or confirm the best location.

What size heat pump do I need for my room?

This depends the size of the room, whether you require heating and/or cooling, and many other factors. We can advise you of the size you require and a free in home quote, or fill out our Online Capacity Estimator

Does a heat pump need servicing?

We recommend your heat pump is serviced every 12 – 18 months. This will help to ensure your heat pump maintains its efficiency and minimise possible future problems.

My home is both cold and damp. Am I better off with a ventilation system or a heat pump?

A ventilation system will not heat your home, nor will a heat pump rid your home of condensation. Although some ventilation systems have in-built heaters, this is to prevent your home being cooled as the system must run during cold winter nights to stop the condensation build up in the morning. And although most heat pumps have a dehumidify function, this is a gentle cooling process and is unsuitable in winter when the condensation occurs, and is not enough to keep your entire home free of condensation.