Heat Pumps NZ: Cool down this summer

A lot of people don’t realise that heat pumps not only heat your house but also cool it down. Summers are getting hotter by the year so if you are sick of sweating sitting in front of a fan it might be time to consider a better solution. Heat pumps are great because they offer an efficient solution to both heating and cooling. But how do they work? Unlike a typical heater which creates its own heat, a heat pump simply moves hot or cool air between the inside and outside of your home.


How does a Heat Pump cool your NZ home?

Heat pumps work almost in the same way the fridge in your home works. Hot air is removed from your home by passing it over coolant. This coolant is then pumped outside where it disperses into the outside air. This effectively is the same as an air conditioner, lowering the temperature inside your home. 

How does a Heat Pump Heat your NZ home?

The great advantage of installing a heat pump is its year round use. Once winter rolls back around your heat pump can start heating your home by doing essentially the reverse of what a fridge does. The warmth of the outside air is transferred into your home.

But if the outside air is so cold how can it heat my home? It may seem counterintuitive but there is still a lot of usable heat in cold air. The scientific magic is in the bulky compressor that sits outside of your house. This compressor compresses the coolant which increases the temperature significantly. This allows the heat pump to draw a lot of heat from what otherwise seems like the icy outdoors. 

If you’re interested in installing a heat pump in your NZ home call 0800 549 443 or contact the Kiwiheatpumps team online.

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