Heatpump Repair Services

As with any electrical device, things can go wrong. Nothing is infallible, unfortunately. So what can go wrong with heatpumps and what can you do about it?


There are a few problems that can come up from simply not turning on to cooling problems, heating problems and such like. For example, if it simply does not turn on, there may be a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse or other things.  Let’s look at this problem further.  First check the circuit breaker by flipping it to the closed position to determine the cause of the overload.  If it is a blown fuse, replace the fuse and try determine the overload cause. The same thing with a compressor overload.  A bad transformer or heat pump contactor needs to be replaced.  If the heat pump doesn’t start and you hear a humming noise it may be the start capacitor, compressor motor, compressor bearings or such which may need to be replaced.

With cooling or heating problems, first check the thermostat is set properly and is working.  Check that the room-heating registers are open.  Check the filter is clean and clear and installed properly.  You could try cleaning the coils of the outdoor condensing unit.  If the heatpump is making noises shut it off and call the experts as this needs more of an experienced technician, it could be that the motor’s bearings need to be replaced.  But check things like the cover panels haven’t come loose and the filters are clear. Check the unit for anything that may have just come loose.

Although heatpumps aren’t too complicated it is best to call an expert to help with any problems.  Especially if it is within warranty as opening up panels and fiddling around with things can negate warranties.  If you do want to check something insure the unit is powered off first and start with the simple things like checking the unit is secure, the filters are clean and clear and there is nothing obvious.

We at kiwiheatpumps know heatpumps, obviously. We are fully qualified and experienced, and along with Fujitsu we also know Hitachi.  Call us today and see how we can help you.  You may even only need to check our myths and tips page or our FAQ’s page, or we can answer your questions over the phone. Otherwise we will come up and see what’s up.