How Well Do Panasonic Heat Pumps Perform In New Zealand?

The truth is most leading brand heat pumps are similar in terms of reliability. But based on a survey by Consumer NZ, most Kiwis choose Panasonic as their top brand. It’s not hard to understand why. Panasonic’s ENERGY STAR rated heat pumps are powerful yet energy efficient. And the range has an edge over comparable units where performance and aesthetics count.

The Panasonic 4.9kW ECONAVI, in particular, is a remarkably reliable heat pump especially for large living spaces. Its Intelligent Sensors automatically adjusts power to save energy based on the human activity and sunlight intensity inside the house. In winter, it warms the house quickly and nicely even when the outdoor temperature drops to the negatives. So even if you live in the coldest parts of NZ, this heat pump is sure to keep you toasty. In summer, the system works just as well in reverse, which is perfect for the scorching summer months. Best part is it works silently in the background.

The Panasonic 4.9kW ECONAVI Reverse Cycle also solves common complaints we have with modern AC systems. That is, it doesn’t suck out the moisture from the air so it doesn’t leave our throats dry and scratchy even if we leave it on overnight. The verdict: it’s great value for money.

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