Myths, mis-information & tips

Myths, Mis-information & Tips

Heat Pumps are more efficient when left on 24/7
I want a heat pump big enough to do the whole house.
Heat Pumps are good dehumidifiers
Eco-heaters (wall panel heaters) are cheaper to run than heat pumps
Heat Pumps are expensive to run
Heat pumps will help with condensation

Yes they can. Condensation is caused by warm moist air cooling and condensing. There are two ways to stop ‘crying windows’. You can either remove the warm moist air (ventilation) or, you can stop it from cooling to the new ‘dew point’ by heating it. The best option is to do both, but the problem is that in winter the fresh air (ventilation) can be very cold, and expensive to heat. Better to keep the area warm.

I should clean my filters once a year
Gas heaters are better than heat pumps
Mitsubishi Heat pumps are the quietest.

As proven in court recently Mitsubishi heat pumps are not the quietest and can no longer be marketed as that. Most leading brand heat pumps are very quiet, and similar in noise levels. The only noise heard from the indoor unit is the sound of airflow when the heat pump is operating. When the unit is running at a higher rate, the airflow is greater therefore there will be more noise.