Daikin Cora FTXM20R 2.8kw Heat Pump/Air Conditioner

Bedrooms, less then 3.5kw
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Our Price: $1,299.00

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Manufactured by: Daikin

Daikin FTXM20R


Capacity: 2.7kw heat (5.5kw max), 2.0kw cool (4.2max)

COP:4.83.  EER:5.0

Size: 770mm x 285mm x 223mm

(Indoor:FTXM20RVMZ, Outdoor: RXM20RVMZ)


Delivered in understated confidence, the Daikin Cora series features whisper quiet operation, industry leading energy efficiency and superior comfort levels without compromising on style.

Able to blend in harmoniously with modern bedrooms and living areas with its smooth contours and flat panel design in a high quality matte white finish, nothing compares to creating that ideal family sanctuary that makes you feel right at home all year round.

Installation cost not included.  Please contact us for air conditioning / heat pump installation  quote Auckland wide, or