Still Deciding What Brand of Heat Pump You Should Install?

So you’re ready to shop for a new heat pump, but you face a serious dilemma – choosing the right heat pump brand for home air conditioning. This is perhaps one of the most common customer concerns these days, so we decided to create a quick guide of the best heat pump brands on the market.

We chose a variety of different heat pump brands below according to several factors including the cost, features, reliability, and after-sales support.


Panasonic is also among the most popular and trusted heat pump brands in Auckland. It’s a Japanese brand that has been in the business of making electronics since 1995. A well-known brand in Auckland, having received several awards such as The Most Trusted Heat Pump Brand 2016.

This is all thanks to their models’ interesting and smart features such as WiFi control and the ECONAVI Intelligent Sensors. With it installed, you can ensure that you’re getting value for your money.

Their products also have high Energy Star ratings, indicating that they could help you save up to $150 on your yearly electricity bill.


With over four decades of experience in cooling and heating homes all over the world, Fujitsu General offers a wide array of top products to its consumers. Their products are widely renowned for being cost-efficient to run.

The models of this Japanese brand also work quite well for newly constructed properties or even for retrofitting in older structures. Some of the notable examples of their most saleable models include the following:

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has been around for over 70 years, manufacturing everything from automobiles to your much-needed heat pump.

Since they opened their doors to their customers, this multinational Japanese electrical equipment and electronics brand has never failed to meet the needs & expectations of their ever-growing customer base. However, many would agree that Mitsubishi offers a rather expensive selection of heat pumps.

That’s largely because the brand mostly offers mini-split systems, which allow you to use your heat pump unit in the most cost-efficient way possible.


Daikin is also a celebrated Japanese brand in New Zealand. They have been around for more than two decades, providing top-notch heat pumps and other electrical equipment. The company offers a wide range of heat pumps including those listed under the Daikin Standard series.

Similar to the rest of the heat pump brands we enumerated above, Daikin is also known for its energy-efficient capabilities and design. They have also garnered numerous awards over the years, including their recognition from the Asthma Respiratory Foundation NZ.

Shop for the best Heat Pumps Brand in Auckland today!

Now that you have a bit of introduction to the best brands of heat pumps in the market, are you ready to shop? If you are, then head over to our product catalogue here at Kiwi Heat Pumps. Or give us a call at 0800 549 443 for help selecting the right heat pump for your needs. Our heat pumps also come with a quality installation services to ensure a totally hassle-free shopping experience.

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