Which Fujitsu Heat Pump is Right for You?

Choosing a heat pump can more or less be confusing. Going with a trusted brand such as Fujitsu is a sure way to guarantee satisfaction with your heat pump.

Fujitsu has a wide selection of heat pumps packed full of features. The Fujitsu website lists as many as 25 key features on their most basic lifestyle range of heat pumps. This makes the brand extremely desirable to consumers for the value they pack in.

However not every Fujitsu heat pump is made equal, and not everyone will need a top of the line unit. Let’s explore a few of the different choices available to those in the market for a new heat pump.


This heat pump is a great choice for those looking to heat a small room. From Fujitsu’s lifestyle range this unit is packed full of features. From heating to cooling, this unit can do it all while remaining exceptionally quiet.

At 3.2KW this fujitsu heat pump is the best choice for a small room. At just $1,499 you can be confident this unit is built to last. This is because an efficiency and environmental focus determined the Fujitsu ASTG09KMTC. New dust filter technology will keep your home free from nasty dust particles that cause respiratory issues.

Fujitsu ASTG24LFCC

At 8.0KW this unit is perfect for large rooms such as the lounge. Coming from the classic range this heat pump comes with the renowned reliability and trusted comfort fujitsu is known for. For those looking to buy a Fujitsu heat pump based on their brand alone, this is a great choice for heating a larger home.

Fujitsu AGTV09LAC

Not every heat pump needs to be at the top of the wall. These floor consoles are excellent for when wall space is limited. They provide the same quality heating experience we’ve come to expect from Fujitsu.

At 3.6KW the Fujitsu AGTV09LAC is suitable for a smaller room.

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