Why is my Heat Pump Spitting Water?

Is your heat pump spitting, spraying, or dripping water into the room? This can be quite annoying and is not normal of a heat pump or air conditioner. There could be a few reasons for this, some more serious than others. However, the solutions are pretty straightforward and easy.

Clean the Filters

This one is the simplest fix. Old air filters may become clogged with dust and debris over time. This can restrict airflow through the unit and result in decreased air pressure. Causing condensation to freeze inside the heat pump. Later on this ice can melt and be sprayed out by the heat pump onto anyone and anything in the airflow path.

We recommend you regularly change your air filters every few months to ensure your heat pump can work efficiently and effectively.

Keep your doors and windows closed.

Keeping your doors and windows closed while your heat pump is on, on a humid day may prevent your heat pump from spitting and spraying water. This is because heat pumps remove moisture from the air keeping your home dry. If the windows and doors are left open on a hot and humid day condensation may form on the lourves of your heat pump. This condensate can be blown off and felt as spit or spray.

Have your heat pump serviced to prevent spitting water


If the above methods don’t solve your issue it might be a sign of something more serious. Likely your heat pumps drain lines have become clogged, preventing water from escaping to be drained outside. This will require your unit to be serviced in the form of a chemical clean.

Other issues such as refrigerant leak may also cause spitting in a similar way to an issue with your filters. Regardless, if none of the outlined methods work for you, contact a heat pump specialist for advice on the next step.

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